Register your business in Libya

Are you planning to register your company in Libya? you are in the right place, our firm will provide you with guidance and advice about the best way to start your business in Libya, the most suitable registration option that will meet your needs, and concluding the incorporation in Libya smoothly.

Whether you are looking to incorporate your company in Libya or for counsel to represent your client who wants to enter the Libyan market, Tamkeen Firm is ready to help you ensuring your company formation is professionally taken care of.

We have experienced, specialized professionals to advise  you with the appropriate business setup plan. Our knowledgeable team with their expertise in all the related local formalities and procedures will make sure that the process is concluded in the agreed timeframe and most importantly hassle free, keeping you focused on your business.

Our scope of service will not end by just registering your company in Libya, as we have a variety of services that will help support and run your business in Libya.

For a foreigner to start a business or register a company in Libya, there are limited options depending on the activity to be practiced as some of those activities are limited to Libyan nationals. However, we will be reviewing your approach and provide you with the options and solutions available.

what we offer?

Tamkeen Firm uses its professional team’s extensive knowledge and its professional network of contacts in Libya to ensure that you receive an up-to-date accurate information about the regulatory in place, registration options and feasibility, timeframes and current requirements, from the legal opinion to the delivery of your company registration documents, Our services includes:

  • Registration of Branch / Joint Venture,
  • Changing of company activity,
  • Company registration renewal,
  • Changing of company ownership,
  • Renewing commercial extract,
  • Changing of branch and deputy branch manager,
  • Work license renewal,
  • Renewing company’s chamber of commerce certificate,
  • Company De-registration (Liquidation),

Our assistance and support will be in line with saving you time and financial resources, and most importantly eliminating any possible risks that might occur if the local procedures were not implemented correctly.

what Service Includes?

 Tamkeen Firm will ensure that all the procedures are always in compliance with Libyan laws, and that the information you receive are up-to-date. Our Firm provides a full company registration services, which may include:
  • Advising on the best approach for business setup process and incorporation type
  • Support and guidance throughout entire process of company registration in Libya
  • Drafting and preparation of all the required legal documents
  • Preparation of articles of incorporation and any other legal documents needed for registration
  • Finalizing the registration procedures with all local authorities
  • Information on any legal compliance changes related to the company
  • Representing your company before local authorities
  • Registration/activation of a local current bank account in Libya

support services

We will be glad to support your business especially at the initial stage in order to suffice the local requirements, we may upon request provide you with:

  • Nominee passive national shareholder / manager/ deputy manager to fulfill statutory requirements,
  • Providing an address (Domiciliation) as per local requirements, receiving and sending letters, bids, offers on your behalf,
  • Administrative support
  • Bank account management service and assigning a local signatory on the bank account to conclude the required banking services such as issuing payments, providing monthly bank statements, etc.
  •  Employment solutions

Other services

  • Company de-registration
  • Tax management
  • Due diligence 
  • Legal support
  • Debt recovery

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