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We at Tamkeen Firm combine legal and practical knowledge, providing our clients with the best approach tailored for their exact needs.

Results oriented team, very responsive, and always keeping our clients informed.

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Practice Areas

Intellectual Property & Trademark Services

Full intellectual property services, from the registration of trademarks in Libya up to counterfeit disputes.

Incorporation and Corporate Services

Full incorporation service, including but not limited to registration, renewal, licenses, change of activity, and banking services to support your entity in Libya.

Legal Consultations

We provide consultations in matters related to intellectual property law, commercial law, labor law, and tax law. In addition to consultations related to business activities in Libya.

Immigration & Visa Services

Our firm provides a fast and fee-competitive visa obtaining assistance service for corporate employees that are seeking to relocate to Libya. Our service starts from advising with the appropriate visa type up to visa collection. We also assist in renewing residency, exit visa, etc.


We arrange for the legalization of documents for Individuals and companies, This includes Birth Certificates, Police Certificates, Degree, Company Commercial Extract, Incorporation Documents, Contracts, etc.

Legal Translation

We provide a professional legal translation of your documents to Arabic from English and Vice-versa. We also provide translation of documents in Italian, French, German, and Turkish.

Commercial & Franchise Agreements

Our legal experts will provide you with guidance and assistance in drafting licensing and franchising agreements, along with providing legal consultations on the compatibility of such agreements with the local laws.

Due Diligence & Support Services

We provide due diligence, accounting, payroll management, employer of records, and more support services to corporate clients.

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