Any official documents must be legalized in order to be recognized in the destination country, the legalization certifies and confirms the validity of the seal and signature on the documents and that they have been issued by the authorized official.

In most cases, the document legalization process in Libya requires a lot of time, effort, and knowledge of the administrative procedures in the country, as the required stamps and the related departments may vary according to the document type and the purpose of legalization. 

Tamkeen Firm with its team expertise helps you and supports you to overcome any obstacles, saving you time, effort, and getting your documents legalized in Libya with the minimum expenses possible.

What documents we legalize

  • Birth certificate;
  • Death certificate;
  • Marriage certificate;
  • Education certificates;
  • School, University Degrees or Diploma;
  • Experience and employment certificates or contracts;
  • Police Clearance Certificate;
  • Medical Reports;
  • Commercial documents such as Commercial Extract, Articles of association, etc. 
We are also able to advise you and assist you on any other specific documents that you may require, please get in touch with us for any queries or services you may require.
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