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Libyan Boutique Firm Specialized in Intellectual Property, Business Incorporation, and Immigration.

Intellectual Property & Trademark Services

Do you want to register a trademark in Libya? a trademark is any word, name, symbol, or design, or any combination thereof, used in commerce to identify and distinguish the goods of one manufacturer or seller from those of another and to indicate the source of the goods... Read more

Incorporation and Corporate Services

Are you interested in registering your company in Libya? We help you in establishing your legal presence in Libya, we provide full incorporation service, including but not limited to registration, renewal, licenses, change of activity, change of branch and deputy manager and banking services to support your entity in Libya.....Read more

Immigration & Visa Services

Our firm provides a fast and price competitive visa obtaining assistance service for both Individuals and corporate employees that are looking to relocate to Libya. Our service starts from advising with the appropriate visa type up to visa collection. We also assist in renewing residency, exit visa, etc.... Read more


Do you have documents to be legalized in Libya? Documents legalization is frequently required by authorities abroad for documents issued in Libya. We arrange for legalization of documents for Individuals and companies, This includes Birth Certificate, Police Certificate, Degree, Company Commercial Extract, Incorporation Documents, Contracts, etc....Read more

Legal Translation

We provide a professional legal translation of your document to Arabic from English and Vice-versa. We also provide translation of documents in Italian, French, German and Turkish.

Commercial & Franchise Agreements

Our legal experts will provide you with guidance and assistance in drafting licensing and franchising agreements, along with providing legal consultations on the compatibility of such agreements with the local laws.

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Tamkeen Firm is a Libyan boutique-firm, specializing in intellectual property, Corporate, and immigration services, which was established by a group of professionals who have a cumulative collective experience of over 15 years. 

With a comprehensive understanding of the Libyan market and both its legal and administrative procedures aspects, our team is extensively experienced in all incorporation and intellectual property-related matters in Libya, providing to our clients fast, reliable, and professional quality services with very competitive fees.

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